Haskell/2010 语言报告

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Simon Marlow (编著)

Copyright notice.

The authors and publisher intend this Report to belong to the entire Haskell community, and grant permission to copy and distribute it for any purpose, provided that it is reproduced in its entirety, including this Notice. Modified versions of this Report may also be copied and distributed for any purpose, provided that the modified version is clearly presented as such, and that it does not claim to be a definition of the language Haskell 2010.



   Haskell2010: 语言与库
   Haskell98 扩展

Haskell/第一部分 Haskell 2010 语言

   1. 简介
   2. 词法结构
   3. 表达式
   4. 声明和绑定
   5. 模块
   6. 预定义类型和类
   7. 基本输入/输出
   8. 外部函数接口
   9. 标准predue
   10. 语法参考
   11. 继承实例规范
   12. 编译器指导

Haskell/第二部分 Haskell 2010 库

   13. Control.Monad
   14. Data.Array
   15. Data.Bits
   16. Data.Char
   17. Data.Complex
   18. Data.Int
   19. Data.Ix
   20. Data.List
   21. Data.Maybe
   22. Data.Ratio
   23. Data.Word
   24. Foreign
   25. Foreign.C
   26. Foreign.C.Error
   27. Foreign.C.String
   28. Foreign.C.Types
   29. Foreign.ForeignPtr
   30. Foreign.Marshal
   31. Foreign.Marshal.Alloc
   32. Foreign.Marshal.Array
   33. Foreign.Marshal.Error
   34. Foreign.Marshal.Utils
   35. Foreign.Ptr
   36. Foreign.StablePtr
   37. Foreign.Storable
   38. Numeric
   39. System.Environment
   40. System.Exit
   41. System.IO
   42. System.IO.Error



  structure: 结构
  lexical: 词法的
  expression: 表达式
  declaration: 声明
  binding: 绑定
  module: 模块
  type:  类型
  class: 类
  input: 输入
  output: 输出
  Foreign Function Interface: 外部函数接口
  syntax: 语法
  derived: 继承
  Instance: 实例
  compiler: 编译器
  pragmas: 指导
  specification: 规范