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{{B3D:N2P/Hidden begin}} is used in conjunction with {{Hidden end}} to delimit long passages in the text that are of interest only to certain readers and would otherwise break the flow of the tutorial.

The template takes a single named argument:

  • title= specifies a descriptive title. The title should contain just enough information for readers to decide whether to expand the box or not.

For example,

{{B3D:N2P/Hidden begin
|title=Read this if you're on an IBM 3270 computer terminal!}}

In order to run Blender, you'll have to requisition the FORTRAN version 
on a deck of punched cards.  Then ask an administrator to IPL the CMS 
operating system, load the compiler with INPUT=SYSIN, and feed the deck 
through the card reader.  Good luck!

{{Hidden end}}