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LibreOffice 是什么?[编辑]

LibreOffice是一个可免费获取的,全功能的办公生产力套件。LibreOffice的原生文件格式是ODF(Open Document Format,开放文档格式),一个被世界各地的政府机构所采纳的开放标准格式,用于文档发布、交换。LibreOffice也能打开和保存很多其他文档格式,包括Microsoft Office格式。


Writer (字处理)[编辑]

Writer是一个功能丰富的工具,可用来创建信件,书籍,报告,新闻通讯,小册子和其他文档。你可以在Writer文档中插入图形和其他LibreOffice组件创建的对象。Writer能够导出为HTML,XHTML,XML,PDF,和Microsoft Word文档(*.doc,*.docx)等格式。它还链接到你的邮件客户端,使你能直接通过邮件发送文档。

Calc (电子表格)[编辑]

Calc具有高端电子表格软件应该具备的功能特性:高级分析,图表,决策。Calc包含超过300个函数,用于金融,统计,数学运算等诸多领域。“脚本管理器”提供了“what if”分析。Calc能产生2D和3D图表,这些图表可以被集成到其他LibreOffice文档中。你也可以用Calc打开、编辑Microsoft Excel文档,保存为Excel格式(*.xls,*.xlsx)。Calc能够将电子表格导出为PDF,HTML等格式。

Impress (演示)[编辑]

Impress provides all the common multimedia presentation tools, such as special effects, animation, and drawing tools. It is integrated with the advanced graphics capabilities of LibreOffice’s Draw and Math components. Slide shows can be further enhanced with Fontwork’s special effects text, as well as sound and video clips. Impress is compatible with Microsoft’s PowerPoint file format and can also save your work in numerous graphics formats, including Macromedia Flash (SWF).

Draw (矢量图形)[编辑]

Draw is a vector drawing tool that can produce everything from simple diagrams or flowcharts to 3-D artwork. Its Smart Connectors feature allows you to define your own connection points. You can use Draw to create drawings for use in any of LibreOffice’s other components, and you can create your own clip art and add it to the Gallery. Draw can import graphics from many common formats and save them in over 20 formats, including PNG, HTML, PDF, and Flash.

Base (数据库)[编辑]

Base provides tools for day-to-day database work within a simple interface. It can create and edit forms, reports, queries, tables, views, and relations, so that managing a relational database is much the same as in other popular database applications. Base provides many new features, such as the ability to analyze and edit relationships from a diagram view. Base incorporates HSQLDB as its default relational database engine. It can also use dBASE, Microsoft Access, MySQL, or Oracle, or any ODBC-compliant or JDBC-compliant database. Base also provides support for a subset of ANSI-92 SQL.

Math (公式编辑)[编辑]

Math is LibreOffice’s formula or equation editor. You can use it to create complex equations that include symbols or characters not available in standard font sets. While it is most commonly used to create formulas in other documents, such as Writer and Impress files, Math can also work as a standalone tool. You can save formulas in the standard Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) format for inclusion in web pages and other documents not created by LibreOffice.

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