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用戶:Woclass/Scribunto: An Introduction

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Scribunto 入門 是一本為了那些想使用 Scribunto 進行編程的人而編寫的書。 Scribunto: An Introduction is a book for people who want to learn how to program using Scribunto.

Scribunto 讓用戶能把 Lua 語言嵌入使用 MediaWiki 搭建的的 wiki 中。MediaWiki 是一套基於網絡的 Wiki 引擎,維基百科也是基於 MediaWiki 構建的。 Scribunto enables users to embed the Lua programming language into wikis that use MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia.

這本書囊括了:新手入門指導、一些基礎的編程技巧以及如何在 Scribunto 中使用其獨有的 Lua 庫。 This book covers how to get started, basic programming techniques, and how to use some of the Lua libraries that are unique to Scribunto.

本書主要針對新手,特別是熟悉 MediaWiki 相關軟件但沒有編程經驗的人編寫的。同時對於有編程經驗、但不熟悉 Scribunto 的讀者有一定的參考價值。 It is aimed at beginners to programming, particularly those who have some familiarity with the MediaWiki software, but may also be useful to experienced programmers who are new to Scribunto.


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